The Sydney Green Ring: The Sydney Green Ring is a network of on-road cycle lanes, off road cycle paths, and other active transport corridors linking green and public spaces in the Inner Sydney region. The trail itself is 37.4 km in length and for the most part level to undulating in elevation with a 5 km radius from Erskineville. Basically following the waterways along which Sydney was founded, The Sydney Green Ring contains some of the most beautiful and best preserved or restored park land and green spaces in the region, as well as many sites of historic and cultural importance. While the cycling infrastructure is almost 90% existent, The Sydney Green Ring is not yet officially recognized, marked or promoted as the asset it is. 

NOTE: The Sydney Green Ring is a different entity than The Cooks River to Iron Cove Green Way, though it does incorporate The Green Way as part of its network. The Sydney Green Ring is not fundamentally affected by the recent loss of funding to The Green Way.

The Gamut: 'The Gamut', is an art project that will involve drawing on the face of the city, the rough outline of The Sydney Green Ring. Artworks will be made around, about, and on They Sydney Green Ring that will emphasize the continuity, interconnectedness, and potential unity of the disparate civic assets and cycling infrastructure that now exist in relative disconnection from each other. The artworks will also explore and express the potential value that The Sydney Green Ring would add to the life and economy of the city which it traverses. In this way, The Gamut is intended to give the first full description of The Sydney Green Ring, bringing it to public and governmental attention that will mark the beginning of the campaign to see it recognized and realized as a permanent iconic cycling and active transport trail.
Sketching The Gamut: Sketching The Gamut is an exhibition presenting a body of work that explores and promotes the potentials of The Sydney Green Ring to improve the sustainability, livability, and biodiversity of the Inner Sydney Region. All works will be propositional and speculative, experimental models describing or evoking projects that could potentially be made in the real environment as a part of the larger project of The Gamut. Proposed works need not be achievable but should explore and promote the potentials of The Sydney Green Ring with the intention of opening dialogue and developing strategies toward real world outcomes. A forum will be held to discuss outcomes and potential strategies for moving forward.

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